Manual for the development of Shooting Skills for Hunters - Abundantly illustrated with colour photos, total content of 58 pages, avalable in CD format

Some of the core aspects covered in the manual:

  1. Safe handling of firearms
  2. Shooting range equipment
  3. Evaluation of shooters equipment
  4. Basic shooting skills:
    1. Determine eye dominance
    2. Proper hold and grip of a rifle
    3. Breathing
    4. Shooting positions and natural direction
    5. Trigger squeeze and control
    6. Following through of the shot
    7. Shooting aids (support)
  5. Shooting skills for hunting
    1. Sighting-in of rifles
    2. Trajectories
    3. Shooting positions for hunting
    4. Shot placement for hunting
    5. Head shots versus heart/lung shots
    6. Choice of calibre/bullet for hunting
  6. Advanced shooting skills for hunting
    1. Longer distances (200 tot 300m)
    2. Requirements for equipment and ammunition
    3. Sighting-in of rifles at 200 en 300m
    4. Effect of bullet trajectory on shot placement over longer distances
    5. Effect of wind and mirage on the bullet path
    6. Shooting positions over longer distances  (hunting)
    7. Ability to concentrate when it matters
    8. The self-confidence of shooter/hunter

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