Membership Information

Lidmaatskap Inligting

Fees valid July 2021 – June 2022 (Unless otherwise stated, membership is renewable annually)


 Ordinary member no magazine (age 26 to 64)

 Ordinary member 1 magazine (age 26 to 64)*
 Ordinary member 2 magazines (age 26 to 64)**
 Ordinary member no magazine (age 18 to 25)
 Ordinary member 1 magazine (age 18 to 25)*
 Ordinary member 2 magazines (age 18 to 25)**
 Senior member no magazine (older than 65)*
 Senior member 1 magazine (older than 65)* R370-00
 Senior member 2 magazines (older than 65)** R605-00
 Spouse member (spouse of active member) R215-00
 Junior member (once-off payment until member's 18th birthday) R215-00
 Foreign member (year fee)*
 Life member* R18,000-00

 *Choice of SA Hunter or Man Magnum magazine included
 **Both SA Hunter and Man Magnum magazine included


 Joining fees:
 Ordinary member R100-00
 Ordainary member age 18-25 years R25-00


Fooie geldig vanaf Julie 2021 – Junie 2022 (Behalwe waar anders aangedui, is lidmaatskap gelde jaarliks hernubaar)


 Gewonelid geen tydskrif (ouderdom van 26 tot 64)

 Gewonelid 1 tydskrif (ouderdom van 26 tot 64)*


 Gewonelid 2 tydskrifte (ouderdom van 26 tot 64)**

 Gewonelid geen tydskrif (ouderdom van 18 tot 25)
 Gewonelid 1 tydskrif (ouderdom van 18 tot 25)*
 Gewonelid 2 tydskrifte(ouderdom van 18 tot 25)**
 Senior lid geen tydskrif(ouderdom van 65 en ouer) R355-00
 Senior lid 1 tydskrif (ouderdom van 65 en ouer)* R370-00
 Senior lid 2 tydskrifte (ouderdom van 65 en ouer)** R605-00

 Eggenoot lid (eggenoot van aktiewe lid)

 Junior lid (eenmalige bedrag tot met lid se 18de verjaarsdag) R215-00
 Buitelandse Lid (jaarfooi)*
 Lewenslangelid* R18,000-00

 *Keuse van Jagter tydskrif of Man Magnum tydskrif ingesluit
 **Beide SA Jagter tydskrif en Man Magnum tydskrif ingesluit

Gewone lid R100-00
 Gewone lid ouderdom 18-25 jaar R25-00

Every SAHGCA members enjoys the benefits benefits of liability insurance as part of their annual membership fee. In the document below is a short description of the cover this insurance offers and a few scenarios of incidents when the SAHGCA liability insurance will protect you. Members who want more detail can read the additional documentation that includes the exact wording of the policy.

A loyalty system that will benefit our members

The SAHGCA is proud to be associated with the MyBonus MyBucks loyalty programme. This isn’t just any loyalty programme, as it offers a unique approach which casts a new light on loyalty programmes and what it is supposed to offer you.

Most of us are all too familiar with discount cards that clutter our wallets. Most of the times we use these cards once or twice and then easily forget about them, because they have to be used at specific retailers. But the MyBonus MyBucks-card has turned this concept inside out! This card offers the user more value than any other system, simply because it isn’t limited to one shop. You can fill your pockets with MyBucks by shopping at ANY of our participating partners.

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