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Environment Month activities focus on sea level June is National Environment Month on South Africa’s environment calendar, under the theme ‘International Year of Small Islands Developing States’’ (SIDS). The slogan is  ‘’Raise your voice, not the sea level’’
In South Africa, a significant proportion of the metropolitan areas, including numerous towns and smaller settlements, are situated along the coastline and are increasingly becoming vulnerable to storm surges, coastal erosion, sea level rise and extreme weather events. The 3, 650 km coastline is generally exposed to moderate to strong wave action and provides little shelter to storms from the sea.

Hunting to save wildlife More conservationists say hunting is a useful wildlife management tool and poaching is inevitable until rural people benefit from the wildlife around them. The protectionist lobby would like to ban all hunting. Its strategy regarding rhino poachers is simple – shoot the bastards. It is a strategy that has developed into a lethal bush war that conservationists – and the rhinos losing.

1000 kg pangolin scales from SA seized in Hong Kong Cape Town - Hong Kong customs authorities made the largest seizure worldwide of endangered African pangolin last week when they discovered more than 1 000kg of pangolin scales in a shipping container that originated in South Africa.
This most recent seizure comes amid concern over the growing levels of illegal trade in pangolins and other threatened wildlife species. International trade in pangolin is banned under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites).
But with prices and the demand for pangolin flesh and scales high in China, illegal wildlife-trafficking syndicates are prepared to take risks.

Kenya: Poaching to top agenda at first UN Environment meeting Poaching and the illegal trade in wildlife are set to top the agenda at the first United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) to be held in Nairobi  when over 100 government representatives are expected at the UNEA between June 23 and 27.  United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director Achim Steiner said they are planning to table a report on the growing trade and the threat it poses at the meeting.

SA Hunters question WWF’s stance on rhino horn trade

SA Hunters strongly refutes the preposterous statement by Colman O’Criodian of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) that legalising rhino horn trade would increase poaching. It was reported in the media last week, that both WWF and Traffic would oppose any pro trade proposals at the CITES meeting in Bangkok from 3 – 13 March.

O’ Criodian, who claimed he had visited South Africa a while ago, said the calls from South African game farmers and rhino owners’ to legalise the trade were ‘ridicilous’, and that there were many ‘ethical issues’. These so-called ethical issues were not explained. How ethical is it to allow the extinction of a species through irresponsible actions?


The South Africa – Viet Nam Rhino Horn Trade Nexus

A deadly combination of institutional lapses, corrupt wildlife industry professionals and Asian crime syndicates

By Tom Milliken and Jo Shaw with contributions from Richard H. Emslie, Russell D. Taylor and Chris Turton

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Legalising the trade in rhino horn can curb scourge of rhino poaching

The SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA) is calling on Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa to seriously consider lifting the ban on the national trade of rhino horn as a first step in a process to curb the scourge of rhino poaching in a sustainable manner. The second step would be for the South African authorities to convince the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) to lift its ban on the commercial trade of rhino horn in favour of a well-regulated, legal international trade.

SAHGCA says the selling of rhino horn must only take place on condition that every transaction is subject to the issuing of a DNA certificate for every horn sold. The detail of every seller and buyer can be logged on the rhino DNA database held by the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) at Onderstepoort. ’Such a bold step will immediately increase the value of the living animal versus the once-off economic value of the poached animal’s horn,’ says SA Hunters’ President, Mr Fred Camphor.


Conservation body blames lax attitude by government for rhino horn contraband

PRETORIA -The Minister of Environmental Affairs and government officials are to blame for the huge consignment of 33 rhino horns and ivory valued at a reported value of approximately R18 million, which was shipped illegally to Hong Kong where it was discovered by alert officials.

SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA) applauds the vigilance of Hong Kong customs officials, but holds the Minister responsible for being part of the destruction of a unique element of South Africa’s natural heritage. “South Africa is the only place where rhinoceros can still really roam freely and this rare privilege will soon be something of the past if government, both national and provincial, continues to regard conservation as a low budgetary priority,” says Dr. Herman Els, hunting and conservation manager at SAHGCA.


Rhinos Alive

Our Approach to Rhino Conservation in conjunction with the Wildlife Industry Trust

Question: Are you prepared to have your grandchildren one day only see Rhinos on R10 notes?

“My 8 year old son recently asked me to please negotiate with the poachers to take the horn of the animal, but to leave the rhino alive. If a child can see this solution, why is it so difficult for highly intellectual scientists to see the same solution? ”

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