SA Hunters: Regional shooting competitions 2020

Attached the programme and other information regarding the different shooting disciplines being part of the regional shooting competitions for 2020 – for detail information, please contact one of the following people at 012 808 9300:

  1. André van der Merwe: Presidentshoot-, Interbranch Teamshoot and Team CHALLENGE shoot
  2. Boetie Kirchner : Shotgun
  3. Nic Roets: Sportshooting*, MDS shooting, Junior shooting, Sporting Rifle 5685 shoot and Limited Bolt Action shoot

*Note: Sportshooting include: handguns, semi-outomatic rifles, lever action rifles, air rifles and 22 rimfire rifles


Filename Size
An Adobe Acrobat file 1-Streekskietprogram 2020 - 27 Nov 2019 45.74 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file 2a Universal Rules for shooting exercises (Feb Jan) 1.58 MB
An Adobe Acrobat file 3e-Rules for regional and national shooting competitions - Nov 2019 74.62 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file 4e-President and Interbranch Team shoot comp - Dec 2015 213.79 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file 5e-Interbranch Team CHALLENGE - Dec 2015 2.27 MB
An Adobe Acrobat file 6a-Haelgeweer - Reels vir streek en nasionale skietkompetisies 409.92 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file 7a-Haelgeweer - Universele reels Feb 2016 73.42 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file 8a-Junior skietkompetisies - Riglyne vir die aanbied - 25 Nov 2019 2.88 MB
An Adobe Acrobat file 9a-Sportskietkompetisies wat op streekvlak aangebied kan word 25 Nov 2019 4.06 MB
An Adobe Acrobat file 10e-Rain policy SAHGCA shoot comp - Jan 2014 18.01 KB