The document from the Department of Environmental Affairs that was circulated earlier this week, has been misinterpreted by many hunters.


According to the regulations published by the Department for the Environment, Forestry and Fisheries in the Government Gazette on 5 June 2020,  subsistence hunting is permissible  Click here.

The main purpose of subsistence hunting is to obtain game meat for own use.

Please note that these regulations  only apply to hunters that obtained the proper documentation to travel across provincial borders. The regulations do not permit non-hunters to travel across  provincial borders. Subsistence hunters must adhere to the following conditions:

According to regulation 33(4) hunting is a wildlife management service and hunters may travel across district, metro, and provincial borders to the hunting destination subject to health protocols in terms of the number of persons per vehicle and the wearing of masks in public. The landowner must issue a permit to each person travelling for this purpose.  Click here

The hunter must obtain the necessary provincial permits as promulgated by each province. Read here for more information in this regard.

The hunter may only overnight at the hunting destination.

The landowner of the hunting farm is responsible to maintain health and safety protocols as required in the regulations, e.g. monitoring of visitors and staff; providing disinfectants; and ensuring the proper cleaning of facilities between hunts. See example of proposed control measures here.

For those still in need of personal protection gear, see this catalogue and special offer for members.

The hunter may transport the game meat from the hunting destination to his/her home with the necessary transport permits  Click here.  Please note that certain provinces require special permits for the transport of wild pig meat (warthog, bush pig). Landowners registered on the SA Hunters’ online system or the local state veterinarian may issue wild pig permits. Read more here

Members can download the attached documents and print as required.

I hereby urge all hunters to stay within the framework of the regulations and to act responsibly 

Happy hunting
Boetie Kirchner
Manager Hunting Affairs