• Vuurwapenlisensies – waar staan sake?

    Vuurwapenlisensies – waar staan sake?

    Elsa Esterhuizen gesels met Fred Camphor van die SA Jagters en Wildbewaringsvereniging met oor die kwessie rondom vuurwapenlisensies, en waar sake nou Read More
  • Geweerloting / Rifle Raffle

    Geweerloting / Rifle Raffle

    Marico Bosveld-tak en Orpen Wapens van Oom Ossie Penzhorn het vir ons ’n pasmaakgeweer beskikbaar gestel om uit te loot sodat ons Read More
  • Nasionale Intertak Spanskietkompetisie 2017

    Nasionale Intertak Spanskietkompetisie 2017

    Die SA Jagters, nasionale Intertak Spanskietkompetisie het plaasgevind op Saterdag, 12 Augustus 2017 op die nuwe Meerkatgat skietbaan van die Vrystaat Sandveld Read More
  • Nasionale President skietkompetisie 2017

    Nasionale President skietkompetisie 2017

    Die Nasionale President skietkompetisie wat op Saterdag, 23 September 2017 op die Elandsrand skietbaan te Kroonstad plaasgevind het. Read More
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Facts about the Conservation Status of Cheetah in South-Africa

Facts about the Conservation Status of Cheetah in South-Africa:

  • The Cheetah disappeared from 76% of the species' historic range in Africa.
  • South Africa is currently home to the third largest wild Cheetah population worldwide, but the species has been eradicated from 91% of their historical range, according to the EWT.
  • The status of Cheetah in South Africa is currently listed as Vulnerable. However, recent research indicates that it might be necessary to move Cheetah to the Endangered category of the IUCN if threats to the species could not be addressed sufficiently.
  • It is estimated that South Africa has between 600 and a 1000 individuals.
  • Habitat loss is the biggest threat to the future of Cheetah in South Africa.
  • Other threats include amongst others, human-wildlife conflict; climate change; trafficking in skins and bones; and trafficking for the illegal pet trade.
  • Outside of large protected areas such as Kruger National Park and Kgalagadi National Park, cheetahs are heavily prosecuted.
  • The erection of impermeable game fences for game breeding facilities are further fragmenting remaining habitat of free ranging cheetahs that occur naturally along the northern border of South Africa.
  • To address some of the conflict between landowners and cheetahs, animals have been introduced to smaller reserves such as Rietvlei Nature Reserve in Tshwane. Although these reserves are too small to host viable populations of cheetahs they are managed as part of a meta population initiative run by the EWT to ensure long-term viability of the species in small fenced reserves.
  • At CITES 2016, the following three aspects related to Cheetah  received attention: development of a Cheetah Resource Kit to support  enforcement personnel in Cheetah identification and procedures in case of confiscations;  the establishment of a Cheetah Forum for stakeholders; and engaging social media for support in stopping the practice of selling cheetahs online and raising awareness.
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Head Office - Hoofkantoor

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Plot 3, Mountain Drive 7, Derdepoort, South Africa
    South Africa: 0861 SAHUNT (724 868)
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