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Game sale trends in SA Trends in the private game industry in South Africa represent ever-increasing prices for scarce game and colour variations at auctions nationwide. Prices for buffalo, sable and roan are booming. While this sounds like a good thing, not everyone is equally impressed with the state of affairs. 

Calls for SA to trade in rhino horn Michael Eustace,  conservationist and investment analyst holds the view that the trade in rhino horn is the only solution to poaching. According to Eastace: The trade ban is not working and has never worked. It has favoured criminals exclusively and has been at huge cost to the rhino and rhino owners." He says because  SA owns 70% of the world’s rhino, it  needs to take the lead in developing and promoting a more intelligent plan for the rhino. No-one else is going to do it and the present situation is absurd

Do one thing (for rhinos) says Malherbe Braam Malherbe, director of the Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa, said he was vehemently opposed to legalising the trade in rhino horn for many years, but he now sees no reason not to at least test the market with natural mortality horn and possibly with registered dehorned stockpiles.He believes in the DOT principle. Do one thing...

New moths species discovered in wetland Two new moth species from the same family were discovered in the  iSimangaliso Wetland, which is SA's first World Heritage site. Read more about this discovery.

Inyathi Park News September 2014

Dedicated activity and non-activity returns

Members are reminded that Dedicated Activity Returns need to be received by Inyathi Park by the end of October. If you already comply with the requirements for maintaining your dedicated status you would have received a confirmation sms by the time you receive this communication, and you do not need to do anything more. If you have not received a sms but you have entered your activities, please check your profile on the website – we may have the wrong contact details. If you are unable to enter your activities on the website, you will need to fill in an activity report (download the report here) and send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Members need to be aware of the minimum activity requirements for the maintenance of the relevant statuses:

Dedicated Hunter:

A minimum of two (2) activities per year. Hunting trips and SA Hunters related branch/shooting activities are considered, which include attendance of any official Branch, Regional or National SA Hunters event, or serving as Range Officer during any of these events. Non-SA Hunters shooting activities are not considered.


Inyathi Park News July 2014

2014-15 SAHGCA Budget and Membership fees

The Executive Committee of SAHGCA approved the 2014/2015 budget at its last meeting in June.
Salient features are the following:

  • An increase of R70 in ordinary membership fees from R640 to R710 (this includes an amount of  R37.50 in respect of a direct recovery of the liability insurance premiums and R10.00 in respect of a SA Hunter magazine price increase.)  If one backs out the cost-recovery items, the actual increase is only R20.50 or 3.2%, some 40% of the inflation rate.
  • An assumption that membership will grow by 3 300 new members.
  • An expansion of the marketing/PR function of SAHGCA at a cost of some R470 000.
  • An increase of 8%, on average, in SAHGCA staff salaries.
  • Continued software development costs of R660 000.
  • The termination of the Marion contract and the replacement thereof by an in-house administrative solution, which will, after completion, result in considerable monthly savings.
  • Branch subsidies of 9% of Ordinary membership fees (R1.6 million)
  • Continued substantial financial contributions from SA Hunt Publishing (Pty) Ltd and HuntEx.

The budget has an estimated surplus of R220 000 on a total expenditure of nearly R27 million.


Inyathi Park newsletter August 2014

Transvaal branch Ford Figo competition.

The Transvaal branch of SAHGCA launched what was probably its largest project to date in April 2014. The competition, which was in aid of the establishment of a new, safer shooting range for Transvaal branch members, as well as members of the public, had as first prize a Ford Figo 1.4 Ambiente, made available by Action Ford Krugersdorp. In addition to the car, prizes were also donated by Hot Power, Camdix and others. Tickets for the Ford Figo were sold at HuntEx, the Veteran Motor show of Krugersdorp, the Bokkoorsfees in Ventersdorp and at many other smaller events.

7800 tickets (at R20) were sold, realising R156 000 in total. The draw for the Ford Figo takes place at Action Ford, Krugersdorp at 7:00pm on Thursday 4 September. The Transvaal branch cordially invites all those who entered the competition to the occasion. Who knows – you may be the winner!

Magnum offer

Members are reminded that the introductory Magnum magazine discount offer is still open.  SAHGCA members with an South African postal address can subscribe to MAN Magnum for one year (12 editions) at a special price of R 320.00 (including VAT and postage), which is a R94 saving on the magazine's cover price. You can find the MAN Magnum subscription form on our website. 


Inyathi Park News June 2014

The 2014 Hunting season

The 2014 hunting season is now already well-underway and members are urged to act responsibly and carefully, both in terms of their firearms safety and in their general hunting behaviour. SAHGCA members should, by their actions in the field, continue to show other hunters and landowners what responsible utilisation is all about.


We mentioned, in our previous newsletter, that we have circulated a questionnaire to members to determine overall preferences and involvement in the fields of conservation, hunting and shooting. We would like to remind those of you who have not completed your questionnaires to please complete them and return them to Inyathi Park.